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24th February 2021

I know many of you are keen to know when we will be able to start inviting those of you aged 60 – 64 for your vaccine. 

I thought some context might help understand why we are not there just yet.

At present we have vaccinated:-

99%   Residential Care Home Patients

96%   Age 80+

97%   Age 75 – 79

96%   Age 70 – 74

86%   Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

93%   Age 65 – 69

67%   Age 16 – 64 with underlying health conditions

Once we have vaccinated most of the last group we can move on to invite the next one.  But remember, this isn’t just a service for Cranleigh Medical Practice’s patients; it covers the whole area.  We need to make sure the same opportunities are made available for everyone at roughly the same time.

Meanwhile, if you are expecting an invitation for your second vaccination I am reliably informed that invitations are about to be sent, either by text or individual phone calls.  There is no need for you to do anything other than wait for the invitation.  Bookings will be available in Cranleigh or at G Live in Guildford. 

17th February 2021

You will have seen the headlines about more people being added to the shielding list for covid due to a variety of risk factors, including health. Letters are being sent to this new group by the NHS centrally (not CMP) informing them of their new status and the support available to them.
They are also to be prioritised for the vaccine. However, as we have already invited most of our patients with underlying health conditions to make an appointment, we do not anticipate this altering our plans. We also regularly search our list of patients to ensure that any changes are reflected in our invitation lists.
So, if you have yet to receive your invitation and believe you should have done please wait just a little longer. As the text messages and phone calls are being spread out over a few days to ensure the systems are not overwhelmed not everyone will be invited at exactly the same time.
Also a plea from the vaccine site to save you a journey; there are no stand-by lists and no drop-in slots. If you do not have an appointment you will not be able to have a vaccine. They also want to reassure everyone that no vaccines are wasted; they work very carefully to ensure that they have the right number of vaccines available for the number of bookings, taking into account the possibility that someone who has booked may not be able to attend on the day. All very efficiently organised!

16th February 2021

Time for another update on how well the vaccine programme is doing.  These figures are for Cranleigh Medical Practice patients only but are very similar for our neighbouring colleagues. 

As of today:-

Residential Care Home Patients


Age 80+


Age 75-79


Age 70-74


Clinically Extremely Vulnerable


Age 65-69



Over 4,750 Cranleigh Medical Practice patients have had a vaccine so far!

With a total eligible population of just over 8,000 we are over half way.  What an achievement!

Many thanks to everyone involved in this; it takes real team work across various organisations to set the service up and get it running so smoothly at such short notice.

15th February 2021

Vaccinations continue this week with the Village Hall being open every day. Patients from across the area are attending for their vaccinations. Currently staff at the centre are vaccinating patients aged 65 and over and those who are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable.

A new system is being introduced to help with the booking of appointments for the Covid vaccine. A text message will be sent to eligible patients and they will then be able to book via a link within that message. The text comes from an organisation called Procare which is the NHS body working on our behalf. Appointments will be made available at Cranleigh Village Hall. However, do not worry if you don’t have a mobile, smart mobile or don’t want to book on-line; phone calls will still be being made so no-one will miss out. If we can’t get hold of you on the phone we will send you a letter.

We appreciate it can be difficult to get through to the practice on the phone; staff really are doing their best to answer as many calls as quickly as they can so thank you for your patience! I also understand there may have been a glitch with the phone system this morning when calls were cut off unannounced. Not sure what happened but we work closely with BT and our phone company to minimise these problems.

12th February 2021

We have now completed calls to our patients aged 65 and over. Letters will be sent to those of you we couldn’t contact by phone, inviting you to call us to book.

If anyone aged 70 or over who hasn’t got an appointment and would like one please give us a ring and we should be able to book you in as well.

Please remember the order and groupings of invitations are national decisions and neither we nor staff at the vaccine centre can deviate from these; there is no standby list and no vaccines available for walk-ins.

We are waiting on advice as to when we can carry on with invitations but be reassured that as soon as we are given the green light invitations and bookings will follow.

I mentioned that we will be advertising for more admin staff to join our excellent team at the Medical Practice. That advert has now gone out via Facebook and on Indeed. This is a permanent role; not just while the vaccination programme is underway. It will cover the full range of duties of which answering the phone is but one small part.

Have a good weekend.

10th February 2021

We are frantically booking patients in for their vaccines this week. All booked up for today and tomorrow morning now. As some of you have noticed you don’t have to wait long between the call and your appointment!
As we are so busy, not just with the vaccine programme but in general, we are going to need to recruit some more staff to join the team; this will be on a permanent basis and I’ll post more details very soon.
In the meantime an update on our progress.
Patients of Cranleigh Medical Practice who have received their vaccine:-
Residential Care Home patients            99%
Age 80+                                             95%
Age 75-79                                          95%
Age 70-74                                          89%
Clinically Extremely Vulnerable             89%
Everyone involved in the programme is rightly proud of this progress and the co-operative work that has gone on, mostly behind the scenes, to ensure the sessions run as smoothly as they do. But without patients responding in such a friendly and positive way, attending on time (not early!) any preparation would be wasted. So ‘Thank You’ as well.

9th February 2021

We have been getting some confused patients contacting us worried that they might have been overlooked for their vaccine appointment. I thought I’d try to explain how the priority groups are defined.
The age groups are as they state; currently we are working down the age group 69 - 65.
Shielded/Clinically Extremely Vulnerable patients are those who from the start were identified as at higher risk of serious illness if they caught the virus. They would have had a letter advising them of this with offers of additional support. We have already contacted this group of patients and 89% of them have had their vaccine. Others may have appointments booked.
Patients aged 16 – 64 with specific underlying health conditions are in a different group. The risk to them is deemed not as high as those formerly shielding and now classified as Clinically Extremely Vulnerable. These patients with underlying health conditions are similar to those groups who are eligible for an annual flu jab although the definitions are different and are not set by the practice. This group is due to be invited after the current age group, but not yet.
Frontline Health and Social Care Workers are being invited via their employers. Other key workers are in the group relevant to their age and individual health conditions. There is no priority being given nationally to key workers, front-line workers or any other description.
I appreciate everyone is keen to have their vaccine which is a fantastic response; let’s all work together to make sure the programme continues to run as smoothly as it has done up to now and we protect the most vulnerable of our communities first.

8th February 2021

Some good news on a cold winter’s day; this week we are now able to book patients aged 69 for their vaccine appointment.
The centre is open every day this week and good progress is being made.
Housebound patients are still being vaccinated but if you are worried that you have been missed please give us a ring.
In order to keep our lines as free as we can, please try to be patient and only phone us if you are aged over 70 and haven’t got an appointment. We are checking our lists all the time for people moving into the area and those having birthdays.
Be careful on the roads and pavements and when attending the Village Hall please remember that the volunteer marshals inside and out are there for you so if you need their help please, just ask.
Keep warm and keep safe!

5th February 2021

As promised yesterday, an update on the local vaccination programme. 

By the end of today we anticipate we will have offered all our patients aged 70 and over the opportunity to have a covid vaccination.  We are as keen as I know you are to keep the momentum going and are awaiting national guidance on the next steps.  As soon as we hear we will let you know. 

If we’ve not been able to speak to you on the phone we have sent letters asking that you call us.  Our phone lines are slightly less busy later in the day (between about 4:00 and 6:15) so if you can wait until then you should have less of a wait.

I’ve been asked by staff at the vaccine centre to clarify that they are vaccinating people with a pre-booked appointment only; they are not able to offer a walk-in service or hold a standby list.

On Monday I hope to be able to give you some data on how the vaccination programme is progressing, both for our patients and across the wider patch. 

For now, have a good weekend.

3rd February 2021

I was checking up on progress for our patients and was so impressed I thought I’d share some more figures with you.  These figures represent vaccines actually administered and do not include all those booked for the next few days.

Vaccines delivered to Cranleigh Medical Practice patients:-

96.5% of our Residential Care Home Patients.

91.5% aged 80 or over.

93% aged 75 – 79.

81.3% of our Clinically Extremely Vulnerable Patients.

Congratulations to the staff at the Village Hall who are now administering 500 vaccines a day!  Also many thanks to the teams who are visiting our housebound patients to make sure they don’t miss out.

Today staff here are calling patients aged 73 to book them in. 

I would also like to say ‘Thank You’ to those of you who are eagerly awaiting your call to book an appointment and are tempted to call us but resist.  We will get to you just as soon as we can. However, if you are in one of the categories above and think you have been missed please give us a ring and we will check.

2nd February 2021

After a busy couple of days we are making good progress calling patients in the age group 70 - 74. We continue to make phone calls and are working down the age group so if you haven’t heard from us yet please be patient; we will get to you. Letters are sent to anyone we can’t contact by phone.

There is no need to phone and check as these updates will let you know where we are with our invitations.

For all of you who are housebound, or know someone who is, I've been advised that the aim is to complete vaccinations for this group by the end of the week.

I've just been to the Village Hall and there is a gentle busy hum to proceedings there with a steady flow of patients. Particular thanks today to the volunteers out in the rain making sure things run smoothly with car parking and welcoming patients. Staff at the vaccine centre also wanted to pass on their thanks for the generous gifts of food they have been given to keep their sugar levels up during the long days!

No phone calls are being made this weekend; clinics for the early part of next week are all booked up and staff need a little down-time!

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